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Well,let's do my homework....but today homework is very funny.
The subject is "Write a letter for a famous person.".
Who should I write abount....  It's a difficult problem.
I have to write it simply,and that person who is known by classmates.

So I chosen ..

So I chosen Mr. "Godzilla" Mathui . Because he got a MVP in this series the day before yesterday,and newspapers introduces him. So some the people are sure to know him.

Dear Mr. "Godzilla" Mathui  No.55. in Yankees.

I've been a fan of you since you played baseball as GIANTS in Japan.
And then,day before yesterday,I heard that you got a MVP with flying colors
in this series which is the first time as Japanese.
Recently I haven't heard good thing about you,so I felt relieved when
I heard it.
And that strikes a chord for Japanese.

But I heard that you'll stop Yankees in this series.
Is that right?
I hope you will continue to be a baseball player.

Sincerely Yours.
Takahiro Kitamura.

あ、別にファンじゃないですw あしからずw


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