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Grammar quiz

  • Posted by: YaP
  • 2009年12月21日 16:46
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各問題の文章には、間違いがある場合 と 無い場合があります。

1 / What are you doing this weekend?
2 / I've been loving him for three years.
3 / I walked in the park when it started to rain.
4 / The dog was barking when I got home.
5 / Dinosaurs become extinct millions of years ago.
6 / The room was empty,but I could see that someone had just left.
7 / I'm here since January.
8 / I'm often having headaches.
9 / He looked around and saw that he was followed.
10 / I didn't realize that Kate had already ordered the food.
11 / The animals at the zoo are fed every day at ten o'clock.
12 / I'll be get married this time tomorrow.
13 / When I arrived home,I noticed that the window had broken.
14 / My parents met in Seoul when my father was studying Korean.
15 / We were driving home from the party when we were seeing an accident.
16 / He's never been to Taiwan,but he went to Japan last year.



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